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I Create Experiences

Hi, my name is Emeric Schou. I’m a creative French UI designer with a passion for finding solutions to challenges 👊

Certified in Visual Communication, I bring over 10 years of agency experience, working with major clients and developing impactful projects. In addition to my design work, I’ve cultivated a parallel career in coaching. This has developed my pedagogical skills by enhancing my ability to zoom out, observe and create innovative solutions for my clients.

Today, I offer my services independently, focusing on the human aspect of design. My goal is to create websites that truly resonate with people and tell their stories.

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Tools of the Trade

The Magic Behind the Mastery

Let me walk you through my favorite applications. Each one plays a unique role in transforming concepts into polished, engaging websites. I choose to use no-code solutions to focus on innovation and flexibility to the evolving needs of my clients.

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A Solution for Everyone

I offer a range of services tailored to fit various budgets, ensuring that UI/UX and web design are accessible to everyone. My approach is rooted in understanding and connecting with people, creating designs that truly resonate and tell their unique stories. Let's talk about your ideas!

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